With the rapid expansion of the Internet, you now need ANTI VIRUS protection more than ever. A lot of virus's today not only destroy information stored on your computer, they also access your e mail program and automatically send copies of itself to everyone in your address book, which can lead to an overload in the e mail system, not to mention the unhappy recipients who havent got up to date VIRUS protection. There are several ANTI VIRUS programs available, but remember, you get what you pay for.For an ANTI VIRUS program to work effectively it needs to be upgraded at least once a week, ANTI VIRUS researchers are discovering on average SIX new virus's everyday. If you receive any suspicious e mail with an attachment, at least scan it for a virus before you open it. Better yet delete any attachments from people you dont know! VIRUS'S can be picked up while surfing the NET, there are some unscrupulous sites out there for the sole purpose of distributing virus's.
TREND MICROS PC-CILLIN as used and recomended by UPSPEC COMPUTERS Ltd. will not let you access known malicious web sites and can be configured to be On Guard while you are surfing the net. Your initial purchase allows you twelve months free upgrades and you are kept informed of what is happening through their regular newsletter.